Case Studies, Stories & Testimonials

Case studies are useful as an extended testimonial. They usually tell a story about your business helping a customer to improve their life or their own business.

Case studies are particularly useful marketing tools if you have a service or technical business and want to demonstrate how you 'make a difference'. Differences between competitors in the service industry can be subtle but important, such as delivering excellence in customer service or solving problems through specialist expertise.

Product businesses can also use case study stories to highlight the range and quality of the products supplied, particularly if the customer service that backs up those products is industry leading.

Case studies give the opportunity to provide depth and evidence of your ability. They can be used to help potential clients understand the end result of working with your business. 

If you have a client who is happy to discuss the benefits of working with your business, call or email Central Coast Copywriting & Marketing and let us write your success story.

What Clients Say

You have hit the bullseye yet again with this case study! I really appreciate all your help. Your services have been fantastic. I never realised that there were services like yours available before, now I have used them my business could not live without them. You have been invaluable.

Travis Green

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