Script Writer for Website Videos

With YouTube videos increasingly featured in Google's search results, you may be considering adding a video to your website.

Videos can certainly help with SEO, particularly if you include the actual video transcript so that search engines can index the full script and the keywords in the content. With over 60% of people surfing non-work related websites at work, it also pays to have a silent way of viewing your content, so an online transcript can be helpful!

Other benefits of adding a video to your website include audience engagement and the opportunity to bring your product to life on the screen.

Central Coast Copywriting & Marketing will write targeted content for your video script and provide the video title and metadescription meta tags. Here's a few tips to get the most out of your website videos:

  • People are most engaged when they are learning, not being sold to.
  • Keep your videos short. Write several scripts on sub topics rather than making one long video.
  • Improve your customers' after-sales experience with 'unboxing' videos, showing them how to set up and use your product. A picture paints a thousand words.
  • Don't set your video to auto-start when the web page loads. Many people find this irritating, especially repeat visitors.
  • Video has more complex coding requirements than text so work with a web developer who is familiar with this. The Google Developers website has a wealth of information on SEO video coding.

Script Writer for Training & Corporate Videos

Videos were inspiring people long before Google came along. There are many non-SEO reasons to produce a great video: corporate teambuilding, product launches and training videos to name but a few.

Contact Central Coast Copywriting & Marketing for help with your next video.

What Clients Say

Emanate Design needed someone to revamp our copy on our new website. Karen provided this for us and did a fantastic job. Very efficient, easy to communicate with and did it for us at a great price. Karen was able to get back to us within the week with our new copy to overlook. I have no hesitation in recommending Central Coast Copywriting & Marketing to anyone requiring copywriting or marketing services.

Josephine Antonuzzo

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