Press Releases

Press releases can be a great way to obtain free publicity. The trick is to write something that is newsworthy. Resist the temptation to overtly promote your business. Focus on the publication's target audience and write in a way that will entertain them.


Email your press release to local and industry publications. If it's particularly newsworthy, try the national press too. Try to include a high-resolution photo to add extra interest.

Ideas for press releases

  • Launch of a new product or service, but put yourself in the readers' shoes and make sure it is interesting and relevant.
  • Put on a community event.
  • Conduct a market survey and write about the results.
  • Give advice e.g. checking home security, fire safety, internet safety.
  • Offer something free e.g. seminar, financial health check.

Free Press Release Template from Central Coast Copywriting & Marketing

If you are writing your own press release, there is a recommended format for submission. Ask for your 'Free Press Release Template' from Central Coast Copywriting & Marketing through our Contact form.

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What Clients Say

Karen did an outstanding job rewriting the copy for my Industrie Images website. During my interview, Karen set a relaxed mood and yet kept it very professional, which helped me talk about the things that mattered most for the content of the site. Karen also has an excellent understanding of "key words", which are vital for SEO and ranking of websites on Google. I can highly recommend Karen as a copywriter, whether you own a small business or larger company.

Glenn Zocher

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