Is your website content working for you or against you?

Today's websites must grab attention from two audiences: your potential clients AND search engines.

The problem?

They both like different things.


  • Likes SEO and keywordsnot too many, but not too few                        
  • Likes lots of content                                    
  • Does not make judgements about grammar or writing style   
  • Is not looking for marketing messages or reasons to buy          


  • Have no interest in SEO or keywords
  • Like easy-to-read content
  • Make judgements about your professionalism when they see poor grammar or careless writing
  • Look for strong marketing messages that compel them to buy

You can strike the right balance!


Find out how your website is performing in the battle for Google and clients.
Get your unique website score, comments and tips for improving:

1. SEO
2. Content quality                                                                                         
3. Grammar and writing style
4. Effective marketing messages and call to action

Order your Website Impact Report today!

What Clients Say

Thanks to Karen @ Central Coast Copywriting & Marketing for a very practical workshop yesterday on how to improve the results from your marketing material including brochures, website, etc. We had a great response from attendees who walked away with new material.

Central Coast Business Enterprise Centre

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