Website Pages & SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

- for brand spanking new websites and revamps

There is a high demand for SEO web content in Australia today. In fact, SEO keyword requests are included in 60% of the writing briefs we receive. 

The web is full of 'keyword rich' content that does little to entertain people or persuade human visitors to act now. There's no point getting the attention of bots and spiders, ranking on page one of Google, and then seeing potential customers leave your website after a quick scan of your blog or home page. 

At Central Coast Copywriting & Marketing, we are putting the 'marketing' back into SEO: great website content blended with natural sounding keywords. This includes brand new website pages and website revamps.

We can:

  • research keywords
  • write new website content
  • edit existing page content
  • review your website menu navigation (which can make or break the user experience!)
  • write meta tags, such as title tags and metadescriptions, for your SEO plug-in or your web code
  • upload copy to your Content Management System.

Check out our Writers' Tools page for resources that you might find useful when reviewing your Google ranking and SEO.

Please contact Central Coast Copywriting & Marketing to discuss your SEO keywords and content for your home page, about page, product and services pages, blogs, newsletters and internet video scripts.


What Clients Say

Emanate Design needed someone to revamp our copy on our new website. Karen provided this for us and did a fantastic job. Very efficient, easy to communicate with and did it for us at a great price. Karen was able to get back to us within the week with our new copy to overlook. I have no hesitation in recommending Central Coast Copywriting & Marketing to anyone requiring copywriting or marketing services.

Josephine Antonuzzo

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