Web Content Writing

When it comes to website content, you may have heard about keywords, metadescriptions and web SEO (search engine optimisation). This is very important but it is vital to use your key marketing words appropriately on your website. We will focus on advertising your company to your audience and seamlessly blend keywords into titles and content.

Central Coast Copywriting & Marketing will help you with the following:

Website pages and SEO

Analyse your business and your clients to generate the best keywords for SEO.

Write SEO copy for your home page, product and landing pages.

Edit or make suggestions to improve your existing website content. Read more...

Articles or Blogs

Write articles and blogs to engage potential clients.

Video Scripts

Bring your product to life on the screen and help your website rank higher on Google. Read more...

Social Media

LinkedIn profiles and articles for Facebook and LinkedIn.

What Clients Say

Karen did an outstanding job rewriting the copy for my Industrie Images website. During my interview, Karen set a relaxed mood and yet kept it very professional, which helped me talk about the things that mattered most for the content of the site. Karen also has an excellent understanding of "key words", which are vital for SEO and ranking of websites on Google. I can highly recommend Karen as a copywriter, whether you own a small business or larger company.

Glenn Zocher

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